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      Automatic roll-out machine
      Focus on small parts surface treatment solutions
      Choose the Maio Jet to escort you
      with health, and environmental protection as a companion
      Why choose MAIAO paint spraying machine?
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        Dongguan Maio Precision Equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.

        Make the complex world simpler with roll-jet equipment
                 Dongguan MAIAO Precision Equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. is committed to R & D, production of parts industry, all kinds of hardware, seals, magnetic small parts industry dedicated mechanical equipment. Auto-jet has entered the market for many years, many companies have been using different types of auto-jet, many users are familiar with this type of product. Of course, the choice of a good quality, affordable products is not so simple. Because the current market of good and bad products, a little careless will be some quality defective equipment to deceive. The reason is that many users do not know how to identify roll-jet equipment. The surface effect of the workpiece, high-quality surface effect is not easy to be scratched, uneven, even if the friction surface is very hard, it will not destroy the surface smoothness. And the poor quality of the surface because of the rolling spray method is wrong, the operation is not off, easy to knock, scratch, uneven. Dongguan Maio is a professional manufacturer of roll-jet machine, mainly producing and operating automatic roll-jet machine, automatic glue-jet machine, automatic oil-jet machine, automatic roll-plating machine, automatic stir-fry machine, sandblast machine and other products. After 14 years of innovation and reform, all aspects have made considerable development, but also the majority of customers agree with and trust, become a bright pearl in the roll-jet industry.
                If you want to have a supplier that is: 

                able to provide the perfect solution.
                Will use the greatest service to our customers and customer experience. 

                Quality Control in the production process of the most important equipment. 

                MAIAO Clinic equipment is your first choice!

        Rudy loren


        The rolling spray machine is designed by Maiau to solve the problems of small workpieces, irregular workpieces, difficult spraying of complex workpieces, complex process, low efficiency, low paint utilization, etc. , research and improvement of a new coating equipment. At the same time, the majority of customers in the unanimous recognition and trust, to obtain the greatest survival and development opportunities.

        Free proofing

        Welcome to our factory
        Sample customization
        The Adjuster
        Customised services
        A variety of colors are optional, can pass?
        a variety of inspection, can be tailored for you
        Excellent products are trustworthy
        Excellent equipment. Trustworthy
        Imported technology and core components,?high accu
        racy, more perfect details
        The product adopts imported technology and core components, high accuracy, more perfect details. A strict quality management and guarantee system has been set up in the whole process from raw material purchase to manufacture to delivery and transportation, which ensures that each product has the consistent excellent quality.
        High intelligence low consumption, for you to save?
        money cost effectively, to achieve high quality
        Simple man-machine operation interface, personalized setting function parameters, spraying process one-button operation. Safe, intelligent and easy to operate. The equipment structure is reasonable, the craft is advanced, the performance is stable, the intelligence automation work. The product coating is flat, even, compact and scratch-free, thus greatly ensuring the surface effect and coating performance of the product.
        Save the cost of production and paint to meet?
        customer needs
        Advanced technology equipment, with a very high paint utilization rate, than the traditional spray paint to reduce more than 70% of the paint use, the fuselage covers a small area, 100 equipment emissions less than 20,000 m3/h, to reduce costs and emissions, better protection of people and the environment.
        The introduction of sound production equipment?and
        ?scientific management to ensure product quality





        Large amount of free mold, evaluate the rationality of customer drawings, give suggestions?
        to optimize product structure, effectively control the time and cost of capital. Experienced?
        technical engineers and mold division team, to meet your different customized needs;emergency production plan flexible to meet customer needs, ensure delivery time.

        Quick proofing, quick solution, quick shipment
        To focus on the solution of small parts for customers spray program

        Corporate presence

        Michael information?·?Cases

        Keep abreast of our latest cases, knowledge of the automatic roll-out machine
        Our News

        Michael information· News

        Why does the toy industry need spraying equipment?

        First of all, with the rapid development of industry, toy spraying industry demand for workers are increasing substantially. The workers' own skill level and continued stability is a very critical factor. Enterprise production tasks are tight, now may be faced with finding people, no workers to produce, or the workers' technical level is not enough, the production of products with quality defects, which are the problems in front of the production enterprises.

        Toy coloring no longer rely on manual, automatic oil sprayin

        In recent years, the toy manufacturing factory business is not good enough, the general environment is changing, the world economy has encountered challenges, China's manufacturing industry's labor costs are increasing, so that some rely on foreign toy processing manufacturing enterprises are very hurt, how can we get rid of such a backward situation, I think mechanical intelligent production is a necessary path. Use automatic spraying machinery and equipment to replace manual labor, for a high efficiency production method, so that the enterprise's labor cost expenditure is reduced, more importantly, automatic spraying equipment can improve the quality of the product, so that the product is more classy.

        Our service

        The company area is about 2000 square meters, the company team is divided into marketing department, R & D Center, Production Workshop. More than 30 employees, including marketing experts 8,5 senior R & D engineers, efficient production team of more than 20 people, fast response after-sales 5 people. Provide the perfect solution and technical support for your needs.

        International Certification

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        One-on-one after-sales team

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